My Story

I’ve been trading time for money for years. That American dream turned into a foreigner’s nightmare. After getting my Bachelor’s in Science, I began to see that instead of acquiring the dream job I so desired, I acquired debt. Tens of thousands of dollars of it.  A decade later I became anxious and desired more. But I had no idea what the more was. I desired to work from home but the jobs that were out there were less lucrative. I continued my search for a “work from home job” that provided the flexibility  that I desired while I still had the comfort of my salaried 9-5.

Then the unthinkable happened. I was fired! Fired from security. Fired from comfort. On that day, my conservative nature was also, fired! BUT, an entrepreneur was born. My destiny wasn’t ever going to be fulfilled as a 9-5 employee.  My destiny is to be a financially free successful entrepreneur.

I took the step in faith. {Listen to audio version of the Birth of Phoebus here}

Now I help others do the same. Like so many of you who are reading this right now,  you are probably asking yourself how?

At Phoebus Sol Enterprises LLC, I help young, old or just those looking to break free of routine, the opportunity to do so. I connect you with 6 to 7 figure earners, and my affiliates provide you with the tools to succeed.