College graduate gets FIRED & makes 6 figures

My life started when I got fired.

After graduating college in 2010 with a bachelors degree in Science, my plan was to go to med school, but I chose to take a “break” before I committed to the long hours and non existent social life. Don’t get me wrong it would have been well worth it.
Life happened though and I started to look for work. I became a great “employee”. I climbed up what most call the corporate ladder to find that even my best effort was only making me $44,000 a year. Desperate for a salary increase I looked for a new job that offered me $65,000 a year. Better, though not my ideal to live the way I wanted.
My new salary was costing me my sanity, my boss was a monster, for a lack of better words. The environment was toxic and degrading and coming from me that means a lot.
3 months after hiring me , my boss fired me.
I had NEVER EVER been fired.
So you can imagine that was a shock to the ego.
After a few interviews for new positions, I felt that I didn’t fit in that world any more. I was no longer happy working for someone else, but I had no idea how to work for myself.
I knew I wanted to own my OWN business. I wanted to work from home. I wanted time to do the things I love with the people I love. I wanted FINANCIAL FREEDOM.
Though I managed offices I never owned a company.
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You can do it too. Follow the systems that have been tried and tested by people who invested millions to succeed so that you don’t have to fail.
It was more painful to stay in my comfort zone than to take a risk.
Don’t wait! Take the step and join me on the other side of wealth.