Online Marketing


The Internet is one of the best things that happened to this age. The connectivity it provides and the potential for making extra money are literally overwhelming. Social media, sharing of photos, and gathering of information is a bit of what the Internet can do. Sadly, these functions are what a majority of Internet users do with the Internet.
It’s understandable that trusting the Internet for one’s source of livelihood seems like a  daunting task. That is also why there are a lot of potentials left untapped on the Internet. Gone are the days where the Internet only had get-rick-quick schemes to offer. These days the Internet offers legitimate, sustainable ways of making money.

This article highlights 4 legitimate ways of making money online. Certain myths have been associated with making money on the internet. This article dispels those myths by listing ways entrepreneurs and professionals make money online. In no particular order, top 4 ways of making money online are highlighted below.

 Email marketing

Did you know that from the emails you get and make certain decisions on, someone’s bank account is being credited? It’s as simple as that. Email marketing is a viable way of making money online, and it can be done passively. The basics of the process include finding a niche, building an email list, creating engaging content, and finding the right affiliate program. The success of email marketing, like other forms of online businesses, is based on offering value to clients.

Blogs and website

Although blogs and websites as sources of income have been over flogged, they still provide a decent income for individuals. You have probably heard of full-time bloggers that make 6 figures monthly.

These earnings come from adverts, affiliate marketing, and selling of ebooks and other products. Websites and blogs build a followership which in turn becomes the source of earnings. There are different niches for websites and blogs. The success of a blog is based on certain factors, one of which is the content and the value offered.


Freelancing is another legitimate way of making money online. Freelancers offer their skills to clients and firms around the world. Freelance marketplaces where freelancers sell their skills exist.

These freelance marketplaces are established platforms where freelancers connect with buyers and earn money per task. Freelancing is perfect for professionals who need a second source of income. Freelancers get to choose their schedules and earnings.

Affiliate marketing

This is an online venture that is linked to other ventures. With an established affiliate marketing program, marketers get affiliate links to specific products. The marketers earn a certain commission for each purchase that is made from their link. The income that can be generated from affiliate marketing depends on the product.

Products and services with higher price tags come with higher commissions and vice versa. Also, the marketability of a product also influences the attached commission.

The methods of making money online that were highlighted in this article require little technical know-how, as long as you have value to offer. For those that require training, the Internet is full of materials on how to get started. These opportunities can also be explored full-time or part-time. No one is asking you to take a risky plunge. All you might need to do is to look in the right direction.