How Can I help You?

For years I had been conditioned to believe that traditional education was the way to the financial dreams I had. I was wrong!!!

I was taught to have my money sit in bank accounts gaining little to know interest. Get a degree and climb the corporate ladder. Even though that ladder always seemed like the closer I got to the top, the more corporate America kept adding a few more feet above me.

I wish I knew what I know now, THEN.

As a millennial and in an era were entrepreneurship means just opening a Shopify store, I see that education is lacking.

That is where Phoebus Sol Enterprises, LLC comes into play. I saw that there was an increasing need for financial education in my generation.

My mission is to empower Millennials like yourself who have little to no business experience to take the next step.

Through a series of online podcasts, ebooks and step by step videos you will gain the expertise and confidence you need to take your success into your own hands. The education you receive will:

  • Remove the fear of failure and create confidence in your market
  • Educate you on the power of leveraging OPM (Other Peoples Money)
  • Overcoming preset mindsets of previous generations
  • Provide educational content that you will be able to apply to every business venture you plan to start
  • Equip you with Online Marketing Ninja tips using Instagram/Facebook/Google PPC and many others.

In addition, you will receive specialized fundamental training, such as scheduled one on once coaching calls that will help you cultivate your why, create your brand and create a financial legacy that will support your generations to come.

What if you already have a business?

I also strive to empower Small Business Owners to transform their brick and mortar businesses into an Online Empire, that will provide Passive Income and Financial Freedom, and leave you to do what you love.

On the other side of fear is success don’t be afraid to be radiant.

If you are READY take the next step and sign up today!